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Case Studies

At Delmak Enterprises we never know what type of request we may get on any given day.  Whatever the request is, Ken Chura will find a solution.  He will work with the client interactively, free thinking, flexible and solution oriented.

Here are some examples of products that Ken has created for customers:

  • A temperature probe installed in gas pumps to monitor the termperature of gas, in order to gauge the volume levels due to expansion of the liquid.
  • A probe installed in "cows' behinds"  to collect methane gas
  • A 'tool' invention that will be marketed throughout the world, minimum order of 100,000 pieces
  • A tool that is used to remove door locks for repair.  Standard practice is to use a screwdriver, but this often destroys the lock
  • Parts for draught tips
  • a part for a cosmetic press machine that compacts cosmetics
  • Various other parts

Manufacturer of Industrial Tools

  • ultrasonic vibration for cutting carbon fiber
  • electronic door lock removal
  • air amplifiers for plastic extrusion
  • cosmetic manufacturing components
  • timber furniture manufacturing components

Industrial Safety Equipment

  • confined space
  • rough terrain access system

Agricultural Industry

  • manufacture of permeation tubes for agricultural studies
  • grain auger volume measurement
  • vegetation control

Commercial Transportation Industry

  • hubs, spindles and axles
  • hydraulic manifolds
  • temperature probes

Manufacture of Medical Tools

Manufacture of Components for the Food and Beverage Industry

Casting Machining for Metal and Plastic Castings

Manufacture of Components for Industrial Manufacturing Equipment in Various Industries

Manufacture of Industrial Heating Components

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